It was midnight 12:15 and I had just entered the jungle stretch on the way from Bangalore to Kannur. Although I have driven on this stretch multiple times in the past, this was the first time I was driving alone. The radio signal had become very weak and I could hear more noise and less of the music. After all animals don’t listen to radio, I thought. Last time I passed this stretch I had spotted a wild elephant, although the experience was exciting I did not want it to repeat this time. It was my friend’s wedding and he wanted me to get whisky from Bangalore. I knew it was illegal to cross the state border with alcohol and had told my friend I wouldn't carry any. But due to his persistence, I was travelling alone, crossing the jungle with two bottles of whiskey worth Rs. 5000 in my car. I hoped and prayed that the cops would not stop me at the check post. 

The jungle stretch was getting darker, the moon hid itself among the clouds and there were no lights on the road. I wish I had brighter headlamps. One of the boards in the sides said “ Warning: Beware of Leapords”. The silence of the night, the occasional sound of crickets, everything was creating a chill within me. Suddenly there was heavy lighting and a huge thunder. That was scary. The lightning continued as I was speeding in excess of 90 kmph. Suddenly a hump appeared out of nowhere. I slammed on the brakes, with the tyres making a loud screech, the vehicle hurled itself into mid-air. I almost lost control, but somehow managed to wrestle the vehicle into control and stopped. That was close I thought to myself. 

I looked outside, as the lighting continued, the huge trees on the sides appeared like monsters. As I was about to carry on my journey, I saw another car about 200 meters inside the jungle. The car was upside down and by the look of it, the accident has happened just a few minutes back. There was no one around the car. There should be someone inside and would they be alive ?  The car was badly damaged and the chances are less. My heart beat has increased a lot. I looked at my phone and as always there was no signal in the jungle.  I wanted to go towards the car and try and help them, but I was in middle of the jungle alone at midnight, I have just passed a warning sign about leapords and I was shit scared to walk the 200 meter inside the dense jungle towards the car to see a couple of dead bodies most likely. No other cars had passed by and I did not want to take any chances. With shaking hands I started the car and continued the journey, I wanted to run away from the accident scene as soon as possible.

As the vehicle moved, I noticed something strange. The vehicle was not having the usual pickup. Although I have pressed the accelerator hard the vehicle was moving slow, very slow . As I crossed one more hump, the vehicle’s bottom hit the ground. I started sweating, this happens only when the vehicle is fully loaded. But I was all alone in car. My breathing has increased a lot and the background noise from the radio have become even scarier. I switched off the radio. It was silence inside the car, dead silence, suddenly I felt someone behind me, very close to my back, as if someone is breathing behind me. My entire body started shivering, with loads of courage I looked into my rear-view mirror. Through the pitch dark, I couldn’t find anyone behind, but I still felt the presence of others in the car. A passing mile stone said Coorg 60 Km. I wanted this jungle to get over, I hit the accelerator hard and then I heard it. Someone just snored from my seat behind. I heard it clearly, I did not dare to look behind. I kept going faster, suddenly a girl’s voice made me jump out of my seat. It was from my phone “ GPS signal lost “ from google voice. I was going through the scariest moments of my life. I again heard the snoring, this time louder, as if the guy has come closer to me. Without slowing the vehicle down, I turned behind in a quick motion with shivering body, there was no one visible. I turned my head to the front and before me was a huge water buffalo blocking my way. I immediately slammed hard on the brakes and the tyres make a loud screech before the vehicle stopped. This is lord “ Yama” and he has come to get me, I though. Today is my end, but I couldn’t see him. The buffalo kept staring at me not willing to move out of the way. As I was trying to turn the vehicle to make way, I saw another mile stone, which still read Coorg 60 KM !! What happened to the 5 + Km I would have covered since the last mile stone ? I was in deep trouble. I should never have started this journey alone. Worst part was that I was the only one on the road and no vehicle passed me unlike other times. This is not real, this is just a bad dream, I tried to convince myself. If it is dream why should I be worried, whatever happens I should be back to normal when I wake up. I tried to convince myself and gather courage. My path was blocked and some force was not allowing me to leave the jungle. 

I knew what to do. All this started from the accident spot and I should go back to where it started, I told myself. I turned my vehicle and drove towards the spot. The lighting continued and it had started raining. I could see the car at the distance. I screamed loud and prayed to god to give me energy. I stopped the vehicle close to the accident spot, switched on the parking light and moved towards the wrecked car. As I walked towards it, I also shouted aloud, “Anyone there ? Can you hear me ?“ . No one answered. The sound of crickets and the sound of jungle has increased, I was soaked in rain and sweat. A thorn from a nearby bush tore my shirt and also peeled little of my skin off my shoulder. As I reached closer, I could see body’s inside. Bodies which were not moving, soaked in blood. I tried to talk to them, scream and wake them but no response. Although it had started raining, the car still had some smoke inside. I tried to open the doors which were jammed. I tried hard repeatedly but the doors didn’t budge. All of a sudden I felt a gush of energy flowing inside me, as if someone is helping me open the door. With a loud sound the door opened and the car almost turned on one side. In b/w the pool of blood and choking smoke was a small baby who was not moving. The force who made me open the door, gave me the strength to get the baby outside. As soon as the baby was out, I lost all my strength and fell on the ground dead. 

When I woke up, it was morning. There was a lot of people around me. I could hear the ambulance. As they took me to the hospital, someone said, only the baby survived and all 5 in the car has died in the accident.  

The End --- (Inspired from a few real incidents ;) ) -- Add your comments below.


Akhil babu said…
Good one Undaa. At last a descent one from you.
Ramkumar said…
Nice thriller! Really felt haunted!!

Surprised to see these many writeup's from you! Interesting!! Let me explore them on my leisure...
Unknown said…
Good one Deepak��������
Rajesh said…
undaa... good one. Enjoyed your narration.
Jubith said…
Excellent narration unda..
Unknown said…
Great Narration. I enjoyed reading
Unknown said…
Great Narration. I enjoyed reading
Ram Dittakavi said…
Excellent Narration, very interesting, I enjoyed reading.. really got goosebumps.. but the following sentence made me laugh louder "I kept going faster, suddenly a girl’s voice made me jump out of my seat. It was from my phone “ GPS signal lost “ from google voice"..

Keep writing Deepak !!!

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