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Chennai Times !!

Note: Some facts are hard to believe. So I’ll better call the below story a fiction. I was about to sleep after the long night shift, when I got a call from my office admin department. “Sir, I was told to book tickets for you as you are going to Chennai this Sunday. Will an AC class ticket in train be alright? “ Being a ‘kanjoos’, I have never traveled in an AC class compartment. So for me it was like sweet melody to my ears. But without showing any excitement I replied back: “If this is the best you can get, go ahead “. “Okay Sir, I’ll let you know once I book the tickets”, replied back the admin and cut the call. I felt proud to work for my company. I started to sleep. I still don’t remember how the lovely A/C Train journey dream started, but it ended when my phone rang again. “Sorry sir we do not have any A/C tickets available for the day. Will a sleeper class ticket be alright? “, said my admin friend. I was more than happy to travel in sleeper class. But without showing it out