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Crazy Dreamz!!

Disclamer: If you are expecting a humor filled story, then this is not the right piece. This one is serious, damn serious !! Dreams … how would you define them? I am not talking about your future dreams but about real dreams. The one that you see in your sleep. How many times did you find yourself falling from a tall building or running in a big shopping mall naked struggling to cover yourself? Didn’t you ever see such dreams? How many of you have thought over such meaningless dreams? Or are such dreams really meaningless? How many times have you work up from nightmares and thank god because it was just a dream? And haven’t you saw those sweet dreams with your loved one and wondered only if it never ends. Yes, dreams, I’ll say it is a virtual word created by the powerful mind. And if you are among those who see dreams often then you are lucky. Because you have the god’s gift to experience realities even before you really experience it. Are these dreams colorful? I don’t know. I w