Crazy Dreamz!!

Disclamer: If you are expecting a humor filled story, then this is not the right piece. This one is serious, damn serious !!

Dreams … how would you define them? I am not talking about your future dreams but about real dreams. The one that you see in your sleep. How many times did you find yourself falling from a tall building or running in a big shopping mall naked struggling to cover yourself? Didn’t you ever see such dreams? How many of you have thought over such meaningless dreams? Or are such dreams really meaningless? How many times have you work up from nightmares and thank god because it was just a dream? And haven’t you saw those sweet dreams with your loved one and wondered only if it never ends.

Yes, dreams, I’ll say it is a virtual word created by the powerful mind. And if you are among those who see dreams often then you are lucky. Because you have the god’s gift to experience realities even before you really experience it. Are these dreams colorful? I don’t know. I was never able to make out. I started thinking over dreams only recently although I am a person who is used to seeing multiple shows every day. It all started two months back when I saw one strange dream. In my dream I saw my MCA results published, but I was not able to make out the results. I wanted to desperately find out whether I have passed this time. Especially because it was my second attempt to clear my math’s paper and this time again the experience was one among the worst. And now the results are here but I am not able to read anything, everything was blurred. Just then I found one of my friends passing by. I grabbed him and asked him to help me find out the results. Just then my phone rang and I woke up. Now that was a cool dream, are my results really out? Anyways I thought of checking with Glen who was at his office at that time. After two minutes I got a call from Glen:
" Dude, how come you know the result was published yesterday? You know what, you have passed at last? "
I am taking MCA through correspondence and my university is so popular that they do not normally announce the result date in advance. So Glen was amazed with my timing. And I was stunned, first because I have passed and next because I never expected the dream to come true. So something inside me somehow knew about the results. How, is a big question? You never knew how powerful you mind can be.

Then the very next day I had this dream. I was riding in my bike and suddenly a young man speeded past me, I was closely watching the biker and suddenly his bike skid and the next second he was lying on the road. One after the other the vehicles behind him also started crashing. A big carrier which was also speeding behind smashed its brake, but before it stopped the vehicle turned upside down crushing the other vehicles lying on the road. I was at the safe distance watching everything in disbelief. Something waked me by then. This dream scared me mainly because the MCA dream happened to come true. Then I thought have seen tons of such dreams and the only thing that did come true has been the results one. So just chill and enjoy all the dreams.

The next day I was returning from RT Nagar to Koramangala, I was driving slower than usual might be because the dream was running in my mind. Suddenly a biker speeded past me and the next scene I saw was just the replication of my dream. There was only a small change instead of the big carrier it was a mini truck. I stopped the vehicle and looked at the scene. If I would have been speeding at my usual pace even I would have been a part of the crumble. People stopped their vehicles and started towards the scene to give a helping hand. The only thing I wanted was to rush from the scene. I have seen movies with such phenomena’s but I never expected such things to happen with me. I started telling my family and friends about my dream but only a few were ready to believe.
The next dream I saw was about me having a big fight with my manager. The fight has intensified so much that it ended in my suspension. In this dream I experienced the crunch which I have to go through after the suspension and in between I started cursing myself for spoiling my future. When I work up I started thinking over the dream. In reality something’s were burning between me and my manager but the whole situation was under my control. If I wanted I can end it in a big fight or I can just have a talk and bury down the whole stuff. The dream injected a lot of sense to me. It made me realize that I need to have a control on my actions because whatever happens, I would end up in the losing side. I was lucky, this dream didn’t come true, of course because I learned from my dream and changed myself.

I started a new hobby analyzing my dreams and trying to figure out some logics from it. The one thing I have noticed about dreams is you tend to forget it as soon as you get up from your cozy bed. If you don’t have the habit of recollecting it soon after you woke up, you will forget every bit of it before you pee. So to start with I started keeping a book and pen under my pillow. The first thing I did was scribble down the things I have seen. Although I have started all these things only because of the two dreams which turned into reality, I was lucky enough that none of the other dozens of dreams came even close to reality.

Dreams continue to hunt me and the wonder world continues to arouse lots of questions inside me. Let me end this blog with one of the latest dreams which I had. I was in front of a big ancient temple. The temple was so big that once you enter you can’t see the end. The whole place was full with old sculptures and spirituality was in the air. I was wondering which place it is. I met a very old priest there. He told me that I am inside the great Jagannatha temple. He also told me that the temple is very old and if I walk inside I will be able to see the different ages and how this world has evolved. I was spell bound with the priest’s words and I started looking around at the sculptures. Suddenly I found myself suffocated. I was inside a small box fighting to breathe. I told myself I need to somehow get out of the box else I will die soon. With full force I tried to free myself from the box. To my delight the box opened from one end and I fell outside. I was happy to feel the fresh air. When I looked at the box it was actually a coin box ( Bandarapetti ) at the outskirts of the temple . How did I get inside this small box? I saw a young priest standing nearby. He told me that whoever gets lost inside the temples comes out of the coin box. So they never lock the coin box. The next minute I heard my alarm and I woke up. What a dream? Hope it does not come true. But what is this dream trying to tell me? God knows....

As always, waiting for your comments!!
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Anonymous said…
man ….u seriously said “to start with I started keeping a book and pen under my pillow..” ??? this was one of my habit when I was in my +2 !! unbelievable .. !

And i completely believe u … ! coz m a same kind of guy who sees a million dreams .. but all are larger then life …so hopefully none of them will come true ..

Good to read ..
Rosh Ravindran said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
good one!.. go on writing dude!!
Anonymous said…
Your into. was superb.. I liked it

I don’t remember most of my dreams.but I often dream of falling from a tree and becoming naked in school or some public space.

and dont worry abt ur last dream…anyway you wont fit into a “bannarapetti”

carry on with ur dreams and writings
Anonymous said…
da chimba,

the subject found interesting to me (all subjects are interesting to me by the way..hehe..)

so jst browse thru some of the dream analysis and I got this comment


To dream that you are naked, denotes the fear of being found out and exposed about your activities and misjudgment.

To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up, signifies your vulnerability to a situation.

To see a naked person in your dream and you are disgusted by it, signifies some anxiety about discovering the naked truth about that person or situation. It may also foretell of an illicit love affairs, loss of prestige and scandalous activities. On the other hand, if you do not have any problem with another’s nudity, then it implies that you see through people and accept them for who and what they are.”
Anonymous said…
Thats a brilliant piece i must say. very well described. I do believe in sixth sense and at times its bang accurate. N abt the last dream of getting locked within the box, well… u knw how i see it? “For me it seems like a hint towards ur career. I believe that probably its time for u to get out of the industry in which you are. To do this u really gottu push urself out and try hard. Like the poojari said, there are good chances that you might get lost here. So, my interpretation would be on lines of switching career.
Kishan Tikandar said…
Gud one dude.. so now started researching on dreams...

My analysis of dreams: Usually they are black n white... (becuz, everyone cannot afford a modern day digital n high resolution cameras just to view/record their dreams!!!) ;)
John Alexander said…
Well well at last u found the truth!!
I usually forget my dreams but i do agree with u that they come true because in reality when I see something I realise that I have seen this scene somewhere.. Then I know whats the next scene.. This has happened many times.
Then a few dreams are something which would let u know what u have to do and a few u see is in regard to what u have been thinking before u slept or about something u have been worried about.
Anonymous said…
Nice Article
silence said…
hehe..keep dreaming like this and wish all ur good dreams became real...

genrealy we dream about the things about which we think lol n sometimes but somtimes al we dream unusal stuff too so
pls keep posting ur dreams :):)..bcos its alwayz fun to read about someone's else dream

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