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Maid Hunt !

Seeing my baby Darsh for the first time was the best thing so far in my life. When the nurse brought him from maternity ward wrapped in a white towel, he had his eyes wide open and was staring at everyone. I just looked at him equally amused and even forgot to check with her if it was a boy or girl.   The next six months went in a flash and so did my wife’s maternity leave. She had to join her office and the question was who will take care of the kid.   “I am ready to leave my job. I will take care of the kid and household stuff”, I told my wife. After all for centuries women have sacrificed their personal life for taking care of the household and I was ready to take turns. My wife did not take it seriously, she felt I was kidding. “Yup, I haven’t seen a lazy person like you and the last thing I will do is to leave my kid with you. Gosh, how did I end up with you of all the men in the world?   You should see how other husbands help their wife by taking care of the kid. The onl