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Life in Second Gear – Part 1

--> Short Note: Life in Second Gear is about my first job which never got a place in any of my CV’s. But yet, it was beautiful and taught me some great lessons in work life. Hope you will enjoy. This was sometime in the mid of 2004, when I was spending my last days at college. Everyone in my batch including me was anxious about our future. Our whole intent of joining NTTF, was its high reputation pertaining to job placements. The talk of the town was – “anyone graduating from NTTF, will definitely get a job in Singapore or Australia”. But then, reality bites! We soon realized the naked truth that this 50 year old institute does not carry its ancient glory anymore. Except for one interview call from “iSeva”, a call center, no other companies came by. One day, our in-charge Murukesh sir told us about some openings for computer hardware technicians, in Benz Computers. My interest was always into programming and had never thought of starting a career in computer hardware. But