One Night in Hollywood

10th May 2014, Saturday, I have just landed in US, Los Angeles airport. It was midnight about 2 AM. I looked at Saravanan my colleague who was looking equally tired. We landed in US 2 weeks back for a transition assignment and since then was traveling from one corner of the country to the other. Fontana was our last stop before heading back to India. This time there was a problem. Both our check-in baggage did not arrive with us. “ Sorry, sir. We will send it to your hotel address by tomorrow evening “, said the hot looking airport staff. Even the slightest of the anger inside evaporated the minute she smiled. “ No problem, these things happens”, I said stopping Saravanan who wanted to put up a fight with her. After giving them our hotel address, we took a cab and left to Fontana hotel where our stay was booked. It was about 6 AM when we reached the hotel and by the time we woke up half the day was already gone. We only had the next day to explore nearby places. From Monday we h


It was midnight 12:15 and I had just entered the jungle stretch on the way from Bangalore to Kannur. Although I have driven on this stretch multiple times in the past, this was the first time I was driving alone. The radio signal had become very weak and I could hear more noise and less of the music. After all animals don’t listen to radio, I thought. Last time I passed this stretch I had spotted a wild elephant, although the experience was exciting I did not want it to repeat this time. It was my friend’s wedding and he wanted me to get whisky from Bangalore. I knew it was illegal to cross the state border with alcohol and had told my friend I wouldn't carry any. But due to his persistence, I was travelling alone, crossing the jungle with two bottles of whiskey worth Rs. 5000 in my car. I hoped and prayed that the cops would not stop me at the check post.  The jungle stretch was getting darker, the moon hid itself among the clouds and there were no lights on the road. I wish I

Maid Hunt !

Seeing my baby Darsh for the first time was the best thing so far in my life. When the nurse brought him from maternity ward wrapped in a white towel, he had his eyes wide open and was staring at everyone. I just looked at him equally amused and even forgot to check with her if it was a boy or girl.   The next six months went in a flash and so did my wife’s maternity leave. She had to join her office and the question was who will take care of the kid.   “I am ready to leave my job. I will take care of the kid and household stuff”, I told my wife. After all for centuries women have sacrificed their personal life for taking care of the household and I was ready to take turns. My wife did not take it seriously, she felt I was kidding. “Yup, I haven’t seen a lazy person like you and the last thing I will do is to leave my kid with you. Gosh, how did I end up with you of all the men in the world?   You should see how other husbands help their wife by taking care of the kid. The onl

Another Love story

Disclaimer: This is a true work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is just purely coincidental. I mean it this time ! 3 hours in bus, 1 AM at night and not once have I dozed off. Not because I didn’t try, but because even sleep has decided to leave me alone today.  Her shortest smile used to make me forget the worst dreams, but today her smiling face has dragged me to the graveyard. How ironic, it is the best memories that can hurt the most. Only if I had a delete button that could remove all memories of her.  ZZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzZZZZZZzzz   … What is that? I looked at the adjacent seat from where the sound came.  It sounded like a lion’s roar, but the snoring man in the next seat didn’t look like one. He continued to snore like an old rusty diesel generator and others in the bus turned towards me as if I was responsible for disturbing their sleep. Hello…., I don’t know him! I wanted to tell them. They continued to stare and I was left with no other option than