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July 25th

Disclaimer: This is a true work of fiction and is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Hope you take this in the right sense. July 25th, Friday 1:10 PM. As usual I was damn hungry. I kick started my 125 CC Shine and rode towards Koramangala. On the way my mind was totally engaged with the thoughts of Megana. If only Megana was close to my place. It was almost 1:20 PM and I was near Madiwala check post. Some accident has taken place and I saw people running towards the spot. Should I stop and check? I asked my self. No way, I was dying to meet Megana and the last thing I wanted was to get delayed because of an accident. I ignored the crowd and moved towards Adugodi, Star Bazar to purchase a gift for my friend. While coming out of Star Bazar I heard the sound of crackers. Why are people bursting crackers now? I thought. The test cricket against Srilanka has just started and there is no way India would have beaten them by now. Might be some dumb ass who has passed CCNA, I thought. S