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Bloody Day

Warning!! The content of this web page is not censored by any censoring board. Continue only if your age is greater than 2 years and 3 months. That day sun rose at 6:30 AM. The cock at the neighborhood woke up only at 8:00 O’clock and started blowing its whistle. In this 21’st centaury even cocks wake up late, so why blame me. As usual, I woke up along with that stupid cock who never whistles on time. It was a Saturday and I was already late to the office. I spend the next ten minutes thinking of a good reason not to go to the office. For some reason, may be because it is winter, my brain was not innovative and I was not getting any good reason to take a leave. At last I reached office by around 9:30 AM. Thank God I am just half an hour late. As usual, I missed my breakfast. Now my next task is to somehow login to my computer without the team leader noticing me. Because my 6 feet 85 KG of flesh is something which is hard to hide my Team leader caught me red-handed. He was looking