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The Stranger!!

Disclaimer: This is a true work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is just purely coincidental. It was the counting day and I happened to be at home after a gap of about two months. Now don’t get confused it is not like any of the usual national days. I am talking about the day after the election when votes are counted and the winners are announced. Of late I was not into politics, but after seeing my dad’s excitement even I got a hang of it. Being a strong follower of the leftist party, dad was full of excitement. He had a strong illusion that the left was going to win again. “It is almost one month since I have seen any of the serials. How could I when your dad is glued to the news channels 24 hours”, Mom complained. There was a month’s gap between the election and the counting day and as usual dad didn’t want to miss out any of the talk shows. Mom even had planned to buy a new TV before the elections. After all it is 27th year since their marriage and every