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men in blue ...

The “men in blue “is out of the most celebrated cricket tournament and it’s been a boom to the critics all over India. Someone said : “ Indian Govt have invested 2 crore rupees just for the safety of India team in the Caribbean subcontinent “. Now honorable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have to release at least 4 crore rupees more from the crisis management fund just for the safety of the finest of the Indian players in their home town!!! . Chappel is no were to be seen… might be he is haunted with Bob Woolmers final destiny. So what are the rest of the hundred and nine crore ninety nine lakh ninety nine thousand nine hundred eighty Indians doing??? (Assuming Indian population as 110 Crore ) Criticizing …. Yes criticizing .. anyone can be a critic. I feel it is one of the most easiest thing one can become . Agreed cricket being the only game Indians dominate…. Umm ..did we really dominate ??? Expect for the 1983 which we tell every now and then. Two great things happened in 1983. O