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The Great Pigs Hut

Thank you for your great feedbacks last time. I am expecting lot more feedbacks this time but only in form of comments. Attention: The below story is just a work of fiction and the characters mentioned below are not the one you think they are. "THIS IS A PIGS HUT .." shouted the great grizzly bear. How dare he call our room a pigs hut ? Any ways I have not seen a pigs hut till date. So when my friend Mr Glen Paul Gonsalvas said these words I started wondering. Why? Why pigs hut? He could have at least called it a pig's apartment. It is anyways bigger than a hut. Might be the socks hanging on the window smells like a pig. Anyways I was in no mood to leave him without an explanation. “How dare you call this a pigs hut?” I shouted back. “How better can I describe this house? Open your eyes and look around man “, replied Glen. As if my eyes were closed till date. “Leave it, I don’t have time for your crap”, telling this I went to sleep. For some reason his words echoed insid