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It was midnight 12:15 and I had just entered the jungle stretch on the way from Bangalore to Kannur. Although I have driven on this stretch multiple times in the past, this was the first time I was driving alone. The radio signal had become very weak and I could hear more noise and less of the music. After all animals don’t listen to radio, I thought. Last time I passed this stretch I had spotted a wild elephant, although the experience was exciting I did not want it to repeat this time. It was my friend’s wedding and he wanted me to get whisky from Bangalore. I knew it was illegal to cross the state border with alcohol and had told my friend I wouldn't carry any. But due to his persistence, I was travelling alone, crossing the jungle with two bottles of whiskey worth Rs. 5000 in my car. I hoped and prayed that the cops would not stop me at the check post.  The jungle stretch was getting darker, the moon hid itself among the clouds and there were no lights on the road. I wish I