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One Night in Hollywood

10th May 2014, Saturday, I have just landed in US, Los Angeles airport. It was midnight about 2 AM. I looked at Saravanan my colleague who was looking equally tired. We landed in US 2 weeks back for a transition assignment and since then was traveling from one corner of the country to the other. Fontana was our last stop before heading back to India. This time there was a problem. Both our check-in baggage did not arrive with us. “ Sorry, sir. We will send it to your hotel address by tomorrow evening “, said the hot looking airport staff. Even the slightest of the anger inside evaporated the minute she smiled. “ No problem, these things happens”, I said stopping Saravanan who wanted to put up a fight with her. After giving them our hotel address, we took a cab and left to Fontana hotel where our stay was booked. It was about 6 AM when we reached the hotel and by the time we woke up half the day was already gone. We only had the next day to explore nearby places. From Monday we h