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The "i" is no more !

Steve Jobs, I heard this name for the first time 10 years back. I was reading an article in one of the Electronic magazine about a person who happened to be the co-founder of Apple, tasted success at the age of 22 with his Apple 2, introduced mouse, fonts and graphical interface to the world, millionaire at the age of 23 and soon thrown out of his own company. How insane !! being thrown out of your own company by your own appointees. I couldn’t digest the idea at all and was trying to feel how he would have felt that day. When I read on, I was inspired the way he sold all the shares of Apple except for one, how remarkably he found two new companies, how one of his companies NeXT was bought by Apple at a time when Apple was in the verge of a collapse and finally how he became the CEO of his own company yet again. I would not have believed the turn around of events if it was a part of a movie. But then I was reading about a live person and ever since then I was a huge fan of this great